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Fans Slam Rita Ora’s First ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Photo

And Other Character Pics Also Revealed

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The first photo of Rita Ora in costume for Fifty Shades of Grey has been released… and fans are not happy about it!

In the highly anticipated movie, Ora plays Christian Grey's adopted sister Mia Grey.

In the first official pic, the singer is wearing a short brown bob, pearl earrings and a floral dress, and does actually fit the character description.

But when the photo was posted on the film’s Facebook page recently, Fifty Shades enthusiasts didn’t agree.

“So not what I pictured from the book. I cant believe [book writer] EL James allowed this,” wrote one fan.

“She is too old to play Mia. Now I don't want to see the movie. She DOES not depict Mia AT ALL,” posted another.

And it doesn’t end there… the fans completely went to town on her with comments like “Rita Ora is a no talent hag!” and “Who the heck did the casting? Could they not find the actual hot people? The ones actually described in the book? Omg.. She looks scary.”

Photos of Christian's mother and father, played by Marcia Gay Harden and Andrew Airlie, and Eloise Mumford as Anastasia’s roommate and BFF Kate Kavanagh have also been released... but they received a much more positive reaction.

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