Posted: 27 November, 2014 by Justin Hill

Independence Day 2 CONFIRMED!

The sequel gets it's green light

Tags: movies, sequel, independence day, will smith

It's been rumoured for years that the epic alien film Independence Day would be getting a sequel but has never quite been confirmed...but now, you can lock it in to your calendar for 2016!

According to website the movie has been slotted to begin production in May 2015 with a June 2016 release date.

Rumour is the popularity around the new Jurassic Park sequel has spurred film execs to finally give the movie a green light..but it wasn't enough to get Will Smith on board.

At this stage, he's not attached to the project but insiders are saying if he wants in...he'll be included, no matter how far along the script is

What do you think, will this movie be tacky or terrific?

Tags: movies, sequel, independence day, will smith

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