Posted: 30 January, 2015 by Christian Hull

Ever Wondered What Male Actors Wear During A Sex Scene?

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It’s called a ‘C**k Sock’ and, well, it sounds super weird.

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts or AACTA awards were held last night. 

The night was hosted by Cate Blanchett and Deborah Mailman and even the amazing Rose Byrne attended. 

However the big story coming out of last nights awards seems to be a brief chat had with actor Damien Walshe-Howling. The actor told them what it was like filming a nude scene and what exactly is happening down there.

“It’s sort of cool because you get to feel like you’re doing B-grade porn in a very high quality show … You wear what’s called a ‘c**k sock’. It’s the end of a lady’s stocking and it usually has a little bit of elastic around it and it ties up around the whole tackle and sort of ties up in a neat bow in your pubic hair.”

Well there you go. A little disappointing and odd. Why don’t you just go full nude?

Tags: Scoopla, nude

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