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Male Blogger Slams New “All-Feminist” Ghostbusters Movie

“A Punch In The D**k To All Of Mankind”

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A bitter writer not happy with the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot has posted an epic tirade against the movie that’s set to ruffle a lot of feathers!   

The blogger, known as “A Hysterical Man” (which could not be a more appropriate name), slams the “all-feminist” film on Jezebel, a women’s lifestyle website, just to make matters worse!  

“Bad news, manosphere: F-F-F-F-FEMINISTS have seized the Ghostbusters franchise, replacing all of the characters that we've grown to know and love with four angry dykes,” he writes. 


Just yesterday, it was reported that Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are set to sign on to the reboot in the coming days.

This guy’s blog has to be read to be believed! It’s full of offensive language, generalisations and stereotypes such as “GHOSTBUSTERS is supposed to be a COMEDY and WOMEN AREN'T FUNNY” and “women's hands are much TOO SMALL to hold a proton pack”... not to mention all the unnecessary ALL CAPS!

“Four female Ghostbusters simply aren't realistic,” he says.

“And good luck getting audiences to believe that FOUR WOMEN could possibly do SCIENCE, much less in the same room without GETTING THEIR PERIODS ALL AT ONCE or snatching each other's weaves in a fight over a man.”

The angry blogger also takes a stab at “PU**Y WHIPPED” Hollywood execs who are just after a “cash grab.”

“This is a BLATANT ATTEMPT to get FEMINAZIS to PUT THEIR CATS AND LAPTOPS DOWN FOR A SECOND and purchase tickets to a movie being made by a for-profit film studio operating in a capitalist society. HOW DARE THEY!”

And just to finish up, he basically reckons women are trying to take over the world…

“FEMINISTS HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING AWAY FROM MEN—world government, the US Congress, Fortune 500 CEO positions, cable punditry, Ghostbusters—and they won't stop until they've taken EVERYTHING. I'm all for equal rights, BUT COME ON.”

You can check out his full rant here, but be warned it does contain coarse language.

We say, get over it! What do you think of this guy's blog? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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