Posted: 13 October, 2015

20 Things You Need To Know About American Pie

They did WHAT with a foil-wrapped sausage?

To say any 90s kid will probably have seens American Pie once or twice is an understatement.

Hell, you probably know it line for line. But, thanks to the Buffs over at Metro there’s still a few things you probably don’t know about the film.

Here’s 20 things you might not have known about the American Pie movies:

1. The film actually spurned eight sequels, including the lesser known American Pie Presents The American Mile, American Pie Presents Band Camp, and American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love.

2. It’s totally American Pie but it had a much wordier working title: ‘Unfinished Teenage Sex Comedy Which Can Be Made for Under $10 Million That Studio Readers Will Most Likely Hate but I Think You Will Love’. Doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?

3. The ‘semen’ in the beer Stifler accidentally drank at the house party was really egg whites. Still gross.

4. Seann William Scott earned $8,000 for his first go at Stifler – he went on to earn $5million per movie.

5. For the scenes where Jim is erm, excited, he used a foil-wrappy sausage stuck on a pencil. How high-tech.

6. Eugene Levy (Jim’s dad) improvised nearly all of his lines. He even threatened to quit if the director didn’t let him.

7. Alyson Hannigan was flustered when she was called into her audtion as she had just been to the bathroom. She claims this was the secret to her success.

8. During her sex scene with Jim, the line: ‘What’s my name? Say my name! Say my name, b****!’ was improvised in the heat of the moment.

9. All Jason Biggs' sex scenes were filmed by him – his body double was fired last minute as he had a scar on his stomach.

10. Want your own American pie? The apple pie came from Costco.

11. Christina Milian was in the film, she played a ‘band member’.

12. Ben Affleck’s brother Casey, who also starred in the Ocean’s films, also appears in American Pie as Kevin’s brother.

13. In Jim’s room you can see it’s a studio and has a ceiling.

14. The first movie made $18,709,680 on its opening weekend. Whoa.

15. Alyson Hannigan was initially meant to audition for Mena Suvari’s Heather but preferred Michelle when she read the script.

16. American Pie 2 made $45,117,985 in its opening weekend.

17. The first film had a budget of $10million - while American Wedding had one of $55m.

18. The term MILF now has over 148million results when you type it into Google (totally NSFW) and it’s also one of the most popular searched porn categories.

19. Seann William Scott was working at Home Depot when he auditioned for the movie.

20. SWS tried to convince his mum not to see the movie – but she went and saw it with her church friends anyway. ‘She likes to go into Best Buy and ask “Do you have American Pie? I’m Stifler’s mom'” he said in an interview.

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