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Owner’s Of The House From ‘The Conjuring’ Movie Are Suing Warner Bros After Creepy Things Started Happening!

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The couple who live in the home that inspired 'The Conjuring' has been having extremely strange experiences ever since the release of the horror movie. 

Norma Sutcliffe and partner Gerry Helfrich have lived peacefully in their Rhode Island home for over two decades. 

However, after the release of horror movie 'The Conjuring,' which their house was the inspiration for, their undisturbed lives turned around. 

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, it surrounds the supposedly real-life paranormal experiences of the Perron family, who used to live in the Harrisville farmhouse in the '70s.

The family then reach for help from paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who discover the insidious, sinister force living inside the house. 

Now, by the sounds of things, you'd think that the couple must be getting harassed by paranormal spirits, right? But they're actually being stalked by hardcore fans of the movie! 

They are now suing Warner Bros with claims that they have been under siege ever since the movie's release. Even though none of the actual filming took place on their property, fans are still curious to catch a glimpse of the house that is apparently so haunted it inspired a seriously scary movie! 

“Ever since the movie came out, we’ve been harassed, trespassed, stalked, and besieged,” Norma told The Boston Globe. “They come at all times of the day. Last Saturday, I called police at 3:30am because there was a whole group of them outside the house. It’s horrendous.”

And it doesn't end there. Despite the couple putting up 'no trespassing' signs and building a fence around their property, fans still come onto their properly and try and break into their home! 

According to their reports made to the police, they are looking to install a security system and an entire security plan. 

"I fear the worst every single day," Norma said. 

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