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Someone’s Trying To Create A Real Life Hogwarts That You Could Actually Attend

Your owl is on the way!

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If you’ve ever dreamed of attending Hogwarts, then this news is going to make you very happy.

A group of entrepreneurs in the US have put together a Kickstarter to create their very own Harry Potter boarding school experience. And they’ve raised nearly $300,000 in just a matter of days. 


Actually, the school they’ve created is called New World Magischola and will be based at the University of Richmond in Virginia. Attendees will take part in a four day LARPing (or role playing) experience, where they’ll get to live out all of their magical dreams.

“You'll play a character and take part in a magical universe, where you will be a student living in one of five houses and attending magical classes according to your path of study,” the Kickstarter page states. “You'll get access to an entire North American magical universe. We've designed a world, history, economy, characters, plots, sets, costumes, and magical creatures for you to interact with as your character.”

Participants stay in comfortable dorms and will be provided with meals, and of course they’ll be wearing robes the whole time.

This video gives us a glimpse of what life might be like at New World Magischola.

New World Magischola Promotional Video 1  

It’s everything we always wanted! To find out how you can get involved check out their Kickstarter.


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