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This Love Actually Star Looks NOTHING Like This Anymore…Actually

Where is she now?

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One of the most memorable scenes in Love Actually is when schoolgirl Joanna belts out All I Want For Christmas Is You at the school Christmas concert.

Joanna was played by ten-year-old Olivia Olson, and she also shared a kiss with Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) at the airport.

Love Actually (8/10) Movie CLIP - All I Want for Christmas is You (2003) HD  

But what happened to Olivia? It turns out she’s still acting and singing, and she looks very different.

This is what she looks like now!

Great time filming @thedoctorstv holiday special! Big thanks to @claypriskorn @s_doc & @dungareescalabasas for styling!🎄🎅🏿  

😄 @buzzfeedceleb

🎋Botanical Gardens  

It’s been thirteen years, so it’s not exactly a surprise that she’s grown up.

Olivia was the voice of Vanessa in Phineas and Ferb alongside none other than her Love Actually co-star Thomas. She now currently voices Marceline in Adventure Time. She also sometimes posts song covers on YouTube, and in 2013 released her debut EP Beauty Is Chaos.

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Tags: love actually, where are they now, olivia olson, thomas brodie-sangster

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