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5 Times A Movie Director Seriously Effed Up!

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Here are some massive mistakes left in your favourite blockbuster films that the director missed!

When making a film there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Every film has someone called a ‘Continuity Director’. It is there role to make sure every scene flows easily to the next. 

For example, they have to make sure that a small 3 minute scene, filmed over 3-4 days, looks exactly the same everyday of the shoot! The make-up, the hair styles and even the weather.

Often things slip by them. They are small and no one really notices. However sometimes things happen that is out of their control and it’s up to the hundreds of staff like the editors, cast, crew and the director to catch these errors before they make it to the big screen.

Some of these are so obvious, we wonder why no one saw them and removed them.


In this scene we see what is supposed to be a live feed of ‘Dennis’ talking to a ships captain at the docks. However it is clear that the live feed is a pre-recorded video, this is made super obvious by the player bar at the bottom of the screen.



While you most likely haven’t seen this film, It’s director Alfred Hitchcock famously missed this adorable moment from a young extra on the set. In the background you can see him block his ears before the actress pulls out a gun and shoots. How did he know she was going to do this….he read the script. He mustn’t like loud noises.

North by Northwest funny goof


This was left in, we hope, because its just so funny. In this scene the door opens and the storm troopers rush out. However due to the poor visibility from the actors wearing the storm trooper costumes, they can’t really see. It resulted in one of them running into the door. This was left in the movie.

Stormtrooper HIts Head

2 GLADIATOR (2000)

One of the chariots falls over in a fight scene and a blanket lifts up to reveal a gas cylinder powering it.



Why is there clearly a cowboy visible in this shot? Is it the sound guy?

Tags: Scoopla, Movies

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