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56 Questions You'll Ask While Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey


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Even if you haven't read the books and aren't really into 50 Shades of Grey there's something (maybe it's the sex and hot hot men!) about 50 Shades that's piking the interest of everyone!


But for a lot of people they are leaving the cinema with more questions than answers! 
We hit the cinema and made note of every question we want answered...there were 56 of them. 


  1. Are there normally adverts for sex shops at the beginning of movies?
  2. What’s
  3. Is that two guys coming to watch this together?
  4. Why didn’t I get wine for this?
  5. What actually happened in the book again? 
  6. What the HELL is she wearing?
  7. Could she suck that pencil any more sexually?
  8. Could they fit any more phallic objects into ten minutes?
  9. What on EARTH is Ana wearing?
  10. Why are all the men in Ana’s life so hot?
  11. Isn't masking tape white? 
  12. Why isn’t she creeped out by him?
  13. Is that a flip phone?
  14. Why isn't she into his super hot and not-so-weird brother? 
  15. Why do I find Christian so hot? 
  16. Shouldn’t she be worried they are moving so fast?
  17. Why isn’t she running away?
  18. Can’t this girl put on lip gloss herself?
  19. Honestly, what is she WEARING?
  20. Why is he so controlling? 
  21. What is WRONG with him?
  22. Why is she calling him? 
  24. Was that toast thing meant to be sexy or comedic? 
  25. Why am I laughing so hard?
  26. Why is noone else in here laughing?
  27. Why is she seeing him again?
  28. Are you actually allowed to fly a helicopter that low?
  29. Isn’t that illegal?
  30. How is she enjoying that so much?
  31. Are you sure she’s never done that before?
  32. Is she sure she wants to do THAT again so soon?
  33. How is she able to walk the next morning?
  34. Do you think the director watched a lot of porn for this?
  35. Did the actors watch porn together?
  36. Was it really bad porn?
  37. Did she have to get naked for her audition?
  38. Should I be laughing in a sex scene?
  39. Did they tell her not to wax?
  40. How come she can’t even talk/walk/coordinate herself like a normal human but she can dance?
  41. Why isn’t she running away?
  42. Is someone going to tell me to stop laughing?
  43. Why isn’t her MOTHER concerned by him?
  44. How is this man so hot and yet so creepy?
  45. If this was me, would I put up with him?  
  46. Why doesn’t he buy her a new phone?
  47. Why does his phone have the option to Facetime her when she obviously still has a Motorola Razr from 2007.
  48. Could they fit any more crossfades in a single sex scene?
  49. Should I  still be laughing?
  50. Should I feel so uncomfortable?
  51. Seriously, is this okay to be in a movie?
  52. Why isn’t she stopping him?
  53. Doesn't that hurt? 
  54. Why isn’t she using her safe words?
  55. Is this the end?  
  56. Why do I feel so weird and dirty? 

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