Posted: 10 February, 2015 by Justin Hill

Harry Potter Star Hangs Up His Wizard's Hat For A Heartbreaking Reason

Muggles and Wizards Pay Their Respects

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We love Dumbledore. From his Fatherly protective nature over Harry, to his kick ass magic.

But now it seems the actor Michael Gambon who has played the Hogwarts Headmaster in 5 of the 7 movies (the first 2 starred the late Richard Harris) is hanging up his wizarding hat when it comes to acting.

Michael has appeared on stage and screen for a large part of his life and at the ripe age of 74, has admitted his memory just isn't up to it anymore.

He revealed to The London Times that at one point while he was on stage, he had someone side stage reading his lines to him in an ear piece saying "After about an hour I thought, 'This can't work. You can't be in theatre,  free on the stage, shouting and screaming and running around with someone reading to you"

"It’s a horrible thing to admit, but I can’t do it. It breaks my heart," he said. "It’s when the script’s in front of me and it takes me forever to learn it. It’s frightening"

Long live Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Tags: harry potter, dumbledore, jk rowling

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