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Sex, Lies & Infidelity: The Latest Worrying Aussie Couples Survey

How Many Of Us Admit To Being Unfaithful?

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A new survey has revealed the current state of Australian relationships… and it’s not pretty!

To mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of last year’s most talked about film, Gone Girl, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment commissioned the Australian Couples Survey.

The national poll was made up of over 1,025 participants and based on the movie’s potent theme of ‘marital disintegration’…and here’s what they found:

  • Four in five Aussies want more out of their relationships
  • Over a third (34%) admit that their partners are unsure, or do not know what they do for a living
  • Nearly one in five would follow their partner without them knowing
  • Three in five admit they have been dishonest about their sexual history
  • Three-quarters of couples are habitually keeping secrets, with nearly two thirds saying that their partner doesn’t know their deepest secrets
  • Graduates are more likely to cheat than non-graduates (29% vs 21%)
  • One in four Aussies admitted to being unfaithful* and amongst those who have been unfaithful, nearly two in five (38%) ‘have had sex with someone else’ whilst in a relationship. *Includes sex, kissing or an ‘emotionally intimate relationship’ with someone else. 

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Gone Girl is out on Blu-ray, DVD and DHD on 4 February, 2015.

Check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes clips below, including how the actors tapped into their own “dark times” to prepare for their roles and author Gillian Flynn’s anguish at cutting certain characters and moments from the movie.

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