Posted: 6 February, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

The Poltergeist Trailer Will Scare The Absolute Crap Out Of You

Tags: The Poltergeist

The remake of the 1982 horror flick is as scary as you'd imagine.

A family move into a new house, in what looks like a nice neighbourhood.  Little Maddie loves her bedroom closet which makes her hair stand on end from the static electricity.

That's where we would've ran for the hills.

Weird things start happening to the electronics in the house, and it's not long until Maddie is sucked into her bedroom closet - which happens to be a portal to the entities of house's dimension.

Then there's the creepy clown.  And this is EXACTLY the reason why we hate clowns.

Oh, and watch out for the drill bit scene which will make you tad bit uncomfortable.

Poltergeist is in Australian cinemas this winter.

Tags: The Poltergeist

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