Posted: 9 September, 2015 by Zoe

‘The Little Mermaid’ Is Secretly Connected To Another Disney Movie!

How did we miss this!?

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Is Prince Eric a relative of another Disney couple?

With fans every day picking up on tiny details in Disney movies, you would think by now we would have discovered everything right? 


We certainly didn’t pick up on this one - EVEN THOUGH IT’S LIKE RIGHT THERE! 

In the hit 1989 Disney film The Little Mermaid, there is a beautiful shot of Prince Eric’s dining room (man that room is fantastic!). 

Now, if you take a closer look at the middle painting on the wall, you will notice another famous Disney couple - Aurora and Phillip! 

This has Disney fans flipping out (mermaid pun intended)! 

Are Aurora and Phillip relatives of Prince Eric or is it just a fun Easter Egg planted by Disney? 

You be the judge! 


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Tags: scoopla, movies, Disney, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty

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