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Here Are The Things You Never Noticed About ‘The Wizard Of Oz’

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In case you've been living under a rock until now, there's a classic movie called 'The Wizard of Oz' - it's great. But, apparently we all missed a few things. 

Next year will see the 75th anniversary of the legendary flick 'The Wizard of Oz'. 

75 bloody years. These details have somehow not come to our attention for seventy. five. years. 

Number 1: Miss Gulch and her umbrella 

As Miss Gulch rides up to the farmhouse, you notice that she has an umbrella in the front of bike. Apparently, this is an allusion to her alter ego, the Wicked Witch of the West. In the book, the witch doesn't carry a broom... but instead, an umbrella. 


Number 2: Dorothy's outfit

This may come as a surprise to most... but Dorothy actually wears two different dresses throughout the entire film. She's not always in the classic blue and white checkered one.

Although we must admit, this is pushing it as the other dress she wears is only seen in a portrait of her and Aunt Em. 

Number 3: Time is different in Oz... 

When you think about it, it seems as though Dorothy's adventure takes place in the span of one day. But in actuality, it's a few days. She even says that she tried to get home for "days and days." 

The only logical explanation we have for this is that there's some alternate universe time glitch where the days in Oz are significantly shorter and you don't need to sleep. 

Number 4:

Judy Garland found it incredibly hard to keep a straight face in the scene in which she has to slap the Cowardly Lion. Even in the scene they ended up using, you can still spot a slight smirk on her face. 


Finally, here's the biggest WTF: 

When Dorothy first arrives in Oz, she meets Glinda the Witch of the North... WHO doesn't let Dorothy know, that all she has to do to get home is click her heels together and say there's no place like home... 

Glinda, why? 

The argument is, that Glinda didn't tell Dorothy because of an earlier interaction between the two, when Dorothy said, "Witches are old and ugly."

In return, Glinda replied with, "The munchkins... they're laughing because I'm a witch."

So, basically, Dorothy stepped in it big time and doomed herself from the beginning. 

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