Posted: 27 October, 2014 by Scoopla Music

Nick Jonas Plays "Guess The Bulge" In Online Video

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Tags: Nick Jonas, Shazam Top 20, Bump

This is weird, strange and a makes us feel a LITTLE bit pervy. But considering it features the likes of Justin Bieber, Ashton Irwin and Harry Styles we'd be wrong not to report on it, right?

Nick Jonas recently spoke to UK entertainment website Sugarscape where they sprung on him a game of "Guess The Bulge". 

What exactly IS "Guess The Bulge"? Well, it's everything you expect.

Watch the video as a slightly bemused and confused Nick identifies the bulges of the world's hottest young stars. He doesn't look uncomfortable in the slightest. Right? 

Nick Jonas plays Guess The Bulge featuring Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and more

Tags: Nick Jonas, Shazam Top 20, Bump

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