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Taylor Swift Set To Destroy Katy Perry's Super Bowl Show

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If you've been living under a rock, you may not have heard that Katy Perry is set to perform the halftime show at the Super Bowl next year.

Because you're living under that rock, you also may have missed that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry don't get along.

So it's no surprise that Swift has asked concert tour director and production designer Baz Halpin to not work on the show for Perry (he has worked with both singers in the past).

According to Radar Online "Now that Perry ... has scored the high-profile Super Bowl XLVIV Halftime Show, she's asked Halpin to design it. "He's working out the money details right now, but it's obviously a huge career highlight for him and he wouldn't pass up the chance to do it," says the insider.

"That dedication to Perry isn't exactly sitting well with 24-year-old Taylor. "She got word of Baz agreeing to do the show for Katy and Taylor's flat out said she will not hire him ever again for any performance or tour if he goes ahead with his decision."

Sources say that Perry is amused by Tay's request, but Swifty doesn't care.  She's been announced as the headline act for New Year's Rockin' Eve, plus everyone is loving her latest album '1989'.

I mean, check out these tweets...

Lorde on Twitter: "i first heard style driving down the pacific coast highway and it was EVERYTHING i chair-danced so hard you have no idea #TS1989"
hayley from Paramore on Twitter: "She done done it again! Tonight, my favorite is "This Love".. #TS1989"
Sarah Hyland on Twitter: ""Cuz you know I love the players/ and you love the game"- @taylorswift13. I love this woman."
Ed Sheeran on Twitter: "Go grab yourself @taylorswift13's new album, it just came out and it's stellar -"


Feel the love...

Tags: Taylor Swift, Lorde, 1989, Bump, ShazamTop20, Katy Perry

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