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Ellie Goulding Takes Action Over Ed Sheeran Cheating Rumours

Is this an admission of guilt? Or is she just plain sick of it?

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Is Ellie Goulding taking LEGAL action over those Ed Sheeran/Niall Horan cheating rumours?

While Ed and Niall seem to have moved on – the singer is apparently still feeling the sting of rumours Ed’s song “Don’t” was about her.

According to Dish Nation, the singer’s legal team have been sending out letters threatening legal action if publications continued to perpetuate rumours about Ellie.

Ellie is said to be the subject of Don’t, in which Ed sings about a cheating girlfriend. Ed has neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

A London media source told Dish Nation "Last week letters arrived on the desks of a number of big news outlets saying that they faced legal action if they claimed Ed's tune was aimed at Ellie and in any way indicated bad behavior. It came as a huge surprise to many, as this story had been written about since May, and no legal notes were fired off."

The source added, "Ed had never denied that Ellie was an inspiration for his work, so this seems a strange response after such a long time. Online there are hundreds of fan and media sites that have gone much further in their descriptions of Ellie. The UK laws on libel are different to the US, so the newspapers there are now steering clear of trouble."

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