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EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey Fires Aussie Female Support Act

Didn’t Want Another Female Singer On Stage

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Mariah Carey proved she's top diva when she dropped an up-and-coming singer at the last minute who was set to support her first Australian concert.

Perth singer Natalia was only due to perform at a pre-show function for VIPs at Mariah’s The Elusive Chanteuse Show concert in Perth on Sunday but to her surprise, she was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

She was told she would be hitting the main stage as a second support act, along with Nathaniel, due to scheduling issues.

Speaking exclusively to Jules, Merrick & Sophie, Natalia said it was such an honour to be supporting her “idol and inspiration” and she could hardly believe her luck.

However, her big moment was quickly taken away from her when she was told by the promoter the day before that Mariah didn’t want a female on stage.  

Speaking of the heartbreaking moment, Natalia said she was devastated and cried for two days straight.

“She was unbelievable last night but if she could have looked me in the eyes and seen how devastating it would have been… I was crushed,” she said

Depsite being pulled from the main stage, the singer still performed for VIPs and was happy to receive some great feedback.

Asked if she still feels the same about her idol, she had this to say:

"I do. Look, there was no contract, it was an absolute honour to just be told that I was going to be bumped up," she said.

"I thought she was amazing… she hit every high note at that show. I honestly thought why wouldn’t you support another act? No one is ever gonna steal the limelight but you could have kick-started something maybe for me and my career."

Listen to the full interview below.


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