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Redfoo CUTS LOOSE at Sexist Claims

Massive Backlash From ‘The Most Sexist Song of 2014’

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By now you’ve probably heard all about Redfoo’s new song “Literally I Can’t” being labelled as the most sexist song of this year…

See the music video below

The music video features a group of properly dressed girls arriving at a raucous frat party. While the boys offer drinks, ask them to an afterparty and request a little girl on girl they reply “Literally I can’t”, to which Lil Jon yells out “Oh my god. Shut the f*ck up!”, Redfoo goes on to sing “You got a big ol’ butt, I can tell by the way you walkin’. But you an annoying sl*t, because you’re talking”.

Fans and critics took to social media savaging 39-year-old Redfoo’s (Stefan Gordy) latest song… Redfoo hit back with the following four tweets.

Another example of critics victimizing an artist by purposely misinterpreting his/her work to support a pre-existing agenda. #LiterallyICant

Fact #1: The word "slut" never appears in the lyrics of #LiterallyICant. @amynelmes @TheFIXninemsn #GetYourFactsStraight #NoGreyArea|

Fact #2: I love & respect women and feel they are the most powerful people on this planet! #LiterallyICant

Fact #3: @PlaynSkillz @LilJon @EnertiaMcFly & I made a comical party song to satirize the cliche #LiterallyICant. Some get it, some don’t.

It didn’t take long for people to hit back at Redfoo… 

@MelLiszewski - FACT this crap plays out in the real lives of teen girls world wide. Nothing funny about it.

@CarloSands - @RedFoo that is not a "fact" but a self-justifying claim for a totally unjustifiable "song".

@gilfer - .@RedFoo No, fool, you made a 3 minute vomit of sexist drivel and then didn’t even have the balls to admit it when you copped a backlash.

@woogsworld - @RedFoo disappointed in your latest collaboration. It was with much admiration I watched your I/V on @sundaynighton7 but now, not so much...

It will be interesting to see how much this will damage the singers profile, sales and how he will shape his image from now on. Do you think the song is effective at promoting gender equality? Play-N-Skillz - Literally I Can't (ft. Redfoo, Lil Jon, Enertia McFly) [Official Music Video]

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