Posted: 3 December, 2014 by Dan Hill

Lady Gaga Thought Taylor Swift Was Full Of It!

Found Out She’s Actually A Nice Person, And All Is Well!

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Lady Gaga hit the Howard Stern show yesterday, and was asked about a rumour going around the music industry at the moment!

“Someone called in and said that you are now a lover of Taylor Swift’s, that the two of you are making love to one another,” Stern said.

Gaga replied -

“I don’t think she would be into that, If she’s into that, she can call me!”

But it was at the AMA’s where Mother Monster first thought T-Swizzle was full of it -

“She and I were sitting next to each other, and she goes, ‘Oh my God, I love Artpop and I love “Applause,” and “Applause” is my favourite song and I was thinking, ‘Yeah this chick is full of sh*t, right?”

But all is well in the world now, they’re now good buddies.

Listen Here:

Tags: Scoopla, Music, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift

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