Posted: 11 December, 2014 by Justin Hill

LISTEN: Rihanna reveals new music

PLUS does she have baby news?

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There's been plenty of specualtion surrounding Rihanna for months.

Initially sources said that she was going to 'do a Beyonce' and drop a surprise album

on us...which then sort of turned out to not be true as more details were revealed, including the album name (R8).


Then there was a juicy bit of gossip trying to explain her absence from the public eye...rumour is she's expecting a baby. This story is VERY loosely based on sme lyrics that have leaked from songs she's working on where she sings about 'this baby growing inside me'...hmmm

Finally...the last rumour was a new single to be released sooner rather than later called 'Kiss It Better' and this time, it seems to be true - check out the sneak peek below!

phuck wit nuno

Tags: rihanna, r8, klss it better

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