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5SOS Releases Music Video "Amnesia"

VIDEO: Brand New Music Video

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The 5 Seconds Of Summer Video for Amnesia is with us and it is hot, hot, hot!We could tell you how perfect it is, jealous we are of the girls involved and how amazing they all look…. Or we could show you!

5 Seconds Of Summer - Amnesia

How can you not love that!?!


Tomorrow will be a momentous day for 5 Seconds of Summer fans everywhere - Vevo are releasing the music video for Amnesia! 

You'll be able to watch the video from 6am tomorrow morning right here (!) but luckily the boys have given us an itsy taste of what the video will include.

However, some stills from the video have been leaked... and here they are: 

What we know to be in the clip so far: 

1. Girls (sadly girls that aren't us). 

2. A car.

3. Ashton WITHOUT a bandana. 

4. Skinny black jeans.

5. A swimming pool! 

They also treated us to a Vine preview, see it here!

Tags: 5SOS, 5 Seconds of Summer, Scoopla, Music

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