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Miley Cyrus Takes A Swipe At People With Double Standards

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Miley Cyrus has opened up in a candid interview with Channel Seven's Chris Bath which will air on the Sunday Night program.

There's been plenty of controversial moments for Cyrus over the past few months including a very public break-up with Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth, that MTV VMAs performance with Robin Thicke, the 'Wrecking Ball' video clip as well as multiple racy photoshoots.

WATCH: See a sneak peek of the interview here.

Bath asked Cyrus what the appeal was behind stripping down.

"That's just what I like to wear, you know, I don't ever think about what someone's gonna think," the singer tells.

"I've always been into fashion... I kinda grew up around Dolly Parton, who was like, you know, she's t*ts and this is right out of her book, this kinda dress, I just don't fill it the way that she does."

Cyrus also takes a swipe at the unfair standards that people stack up against her.

"Elvis, he wasn't wearing the outfits that I am wearing, but he was coming out and he was doing like the "OG" twerking," Miley told Chris Bath.

"No one wants to admit that Elvis was twerking, he was, he was like sex, he was a symbol of sex, but no one would've ever called Elvis a sl*t cos he wasn't a girl."

"It's that double standard, and I think I'm doing something for the double standard," she explains.

The full Chris Bath interview with Miley Cyrus airs on Sunday Night, right after X-Factor on Channel Seven.

See your sneak peek of the interview below.

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Tags: Miley Cyrus, Sunday Night, Chris Bath, BANGERZ

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