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Iggy Azalea SEX TAPE Controversy

Allegedly Recorded Sex Tape Drama

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Word on the street is that there is a sex tape of Iggy Azalea. Porn honcho Steven Hirsch says he has witnessed the footage and that should Iggy want to release it could make a fortune.

The sex tape can’t be legally released without the consent of Iggy… and there in lies the problem… the Australia-born US rapper has gone to twitter stating -

IGGY AZALEA on Twitter: "I dont have a sex tape but for the record..."


Iggy also set the record straight on her views with this sort of thing -

IGGY AZALEA on Twitter: "& it honestly makes me sick to see the media encourage any other attitude towards those sorts of people, we should want to protect our women"

She went on to say “and i really hope that america will follow Europe and their laws to better protect peoples privacy and fundamental rights.”

This tweet causing suspicion even amongst her own fans on whether she released the sex tape, with Grant Christian tweeting “HAHAH SHADY!!”.

In true Iggy style though, she finished her twitter rant with this -

IGGY AZALEA on Twitter: "and on that note, I'm off to get a manicure. peaaaaccceeeeeee outtttttt *drops the mic*"

Tags: Iggy Azalea, Scoopla, Celebrity, Music

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