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OMG, Craig David Is Still Alive… And He’s Freaking Sexy!

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It’s been forever since we’ve heard from hit machine Craig David but we can confirm he is alive and well… and damn hot!

You’ll remember him as the cute British guy who pretty much owned the first half of the 2000's with hits like Fill Me In, 7 Days and Walking Away… and who could forget What's Your Flava?

Well, this is him now…

One of the best ways to help yourself stay focused throughout those days when you feel a little weak or lost is to put little reminders around you to help bring you back to the present moment and focus you before you do something you'll look back on and regret. In this case when I'm training hard and about to start my cutting phase where calories are reduced and I know there will be moments where I'll wanna eat every chocolate bar in my cupboard or especially when travelling on planes back and forth from Miami to Europe all the time...I just go to this photo on my phone...under the folder "Stay Focused" which reminds me instantly to get back on track and in this case reminds me how good it feels when I achieve my goal and don't listen to my "old inner weakness" voice trying to remind me of how I used to be! Trust me it works!!! All I hear inside when I see this photo is..... Stop being weak and fix've done it before, you can do it again! Booom! This quickly throws me back on course and on to completing my goal. This is one of the photos for my fitness goals, but I have the same reminders in picture form for motivating me in the studio with my music, making time for my friends when it's easy to get caught up in work and pictures of things that really matter to me in my life. All designed to focus me back in to the present moment. You should do the same if it helps you stay on course to achieving your goals and btw the photo can be of anything that just shifts your attention back in line with where it should be...believe you've already achieved it and it will manifest! #Truth #Present #Awareness #Goals #Reminder #Focus #Believe #Health #Gym #Ripped #Abs #Life #HelpingEachOther #eatcleantraindirty

And if his Instagram (and that hot bod) is anything to go by, he’s turned into quite the gym junkie… if The Commando is retiring any time soon, please get him on The Biggest Loser STAT!

It also looks like he still spends some time in the studio but frankly, we could care less if he ever releases another song… as long as he keeps these pics coming!

All wrapped up! Thank you @adidasoriginals @adidasUK and @adidas for the continued support. It was a fun photoshoot today! Here's to making a positive change to people's attitudes towards health, while breaking down boundaries and stereotypes in society while we do it! #Adidas #AdidasOriginals #EatCleanTrainDirty #Photoshoot #Miami #TS5 #Health #ChangingPerceptions #BreakingBoundaries Fitness is an action not an accident. Getting me some of that Health Money! Ready for what adventures the day has in store for me #Shower #FeelingFresh #Energised #Alive #Grateful #Healthy #LivingInTheMoment #Happy #FollowingMyIntuition Seven Days Walking Away

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