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Justin Bieber Drops Purpose Tracklist But What’s The Australian Connection?

Justin loves Australia!

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Justin Bieber has found a very creative way of dropping the tracklist for his new album Purpose.

The Sorry singer shared a series of photos of graffiti around the world on his Instagram. And each image was the title of one of the songs on his highly anticipated album. 

He kicked the whole thing off with this piece of artwork from Sydney!

Track 1 #purposealbum  

We imagine it’s going to turn into an Australian Belieber shrine very very soon.

Here are the rest of the awesome images:

Track 2 #purposealbum

Track 3 #purposealbum

Track 4 #purposealbum

Track 5 #purposealbum @teddysphotos @itsbennyblanco

Track 6 #purposealbum

Track 7 #purposealbum @bigsean

Track 8 #purposealbum @travisscott

Track 9 #purposealbum @iamhalsey

Track 10 #purposealbum

Track 11 #purposealbum @skrillex @diplo

Track 12 #purposealbum @skrillex

Track 13 #purposealbum #PURPOSE

Track 14 #purposealbum

Track 15 #purposealbum

Track 16 #purposealbum @nas

Track 17 #purposealbum

Track 18 #purposealbum

Purpose drops on November 13.

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Tags: justin bieber, purpose, shazamtop20, sydney

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