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The Secret Messages Hidden In Your Fav Film Clips You Might Have Missed

We never even realised they were there!

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Ever spotted something in a film clip and wondered if it had a secret meaning? Turns out some of our fav film clips have HEAPS of secret, hidden messages!

Exhibit A… Taylor Swift. Old Swifty LOVES a secret message in her film clips, take ‘Style’ for example. 

While Taylor has denied the song is about her ex Harry Styles… WHY in the middle of the clip does she whip out the actual paper plane necklace that he gave her when they were dating? Hmmmmm?

Exhibit B… Justin Bieber. Everyone knew that his song ‘Where Are You Now’ was probably about Selena Gomez…and then he released the film clip. 

You can see there are messages flashing up on the screen and if you pause it just at the right moment (between 1:00 and 1:25) you can see her name. Subtle Biebs. Real subtle.

And finally, Nick Jonas. He grew up, got hot, threw away his purity ring and then released the song ‘Jealous’ with a not so subtle message in the film clip… a sign saying ‘Leaving Childhood’.

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Tags: scoopla, music, music videos

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