Posted: 6 November, 2015 by Uce

This Toddler’s Reaction To Adele’s ‘Hello’ Is Probably The Best Yet

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This toddler has single-handedly changed all the feels towards Adele's new single, 'Hello.' 

Meet Jalal, the adorable toddler who possibly loves 'Hello' more than us! This Vine of him has gone viral with over 18 million loops and counting. 

So what makes it so great? Basically, Jalal responds to Adele in her latest single, in the cutest way ever. 

When Adele says Hello😂😂 cutest thing EVER😍

Our favourite part is his innocent confusion right at the end! 

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Music, Adele, Toddler, Cute

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