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WTF Did Miley Cyrus Do On Stage That Had Audience Members Storm Out?

This has GOT to be her most shocking performance ever…

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NSFW! Miley Cyrus kicked off her ‘Dead Petz tour’ in Detroit over the weekend, and her on-stage antics caused some fans to walk out.

The singer made it very clear that her Disney days are long gone with a wacky performance filled with screaming and swearing… and that wasn’t even the worst of it!

Miley brought Alison Ashley on stage, the world’s tallest stripper, for a little action.

She even danced with a strap-on sex toy and fake boobs. The pictures are SUPER NSFW so if you still want to see them, you can click here, here and here.

While Miley has a reputation for being super controversial, there are many fans who can’t get enough. There’s no doubt she can entertain a crowd, and we never know which direction she will take next.

Thanks to Instagram user alexezcyrus, we can take a look at what the performance was like.

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Tags: Miley Cyrus, NSFW, performance

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