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Is A Member Of 5SOS About To Pull A Zayn Malik And Call It A Day?

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It fits that there's massive 5SOS drama while we're literally only five seconds into summer... One of the members has sent fans into overdrive with a very concerning tweet. 

1/4 of 5 Seconds of Summer, Calum Hood, has spread serious concern amongst the 5SOSFam after he posted a scary implicit tweet that has since been deleted. (However, due to super hardcore fans, it was screenshotted around the globe.) 

"One day I will leave and live a normal life." 

Reunited and it feels so good.

So, what's the deal, Calum? You're TOTALLY alluding to the fact that you're gonna ditch the boys... 

Is this a song lyric? 

Is this a quote?

Why you delete dis?


Seriously, just quietly, Calum can't leave because he's defs the cutest. There, we said it. 

Within hours of the enigmatic tweet, fans had #WeLoveYouCalum trending on Twitter... some tweets on another level than others.


The lovely tweet here from 'Jet Black Fart'.

Although, despite his tweet that might suggest something's up... he posted this yesterday, which would suggest that nothing at all is up.  

Care to explain, Calum? 

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