Posted: 8 December, 2015 by Uce

Selena Gomez Strips Down For New “Hands To Myself” Music Video

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First, we think she's back with the Biebs, then she hooks up with Niall Horan, and now she's stripping down to black lingerie and flaunting all her goodies. Dayum, Selena, slow down. 

The 23-year-old has teased us all with a sexy snippet of her upcoming music video for 'Hands To Myself'. 

Basically, the teaser goes a little something like this... Our girl's walking through a house in a robe and heels (coz comfort) and then off comes the robe as she ascends a very modern staircase and then slumps herself on the bed of who we're guessing is her ex-lover's. 

She then proceeds to help herself to his closet and has a quick boogie in front of his mirror, however, her weird creep fest is cut short when the police turn up... 

The teaser has definitely done its job, we are left with so many questions... the main one being, does she end up getting away with this weird stalker/intruder act? 

We must know. 

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Tags: Scoopla, Selena Gomez, Strips down, Hands to Myself, Lingerie

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