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REVIEW: One Direction Take Brisbane By Storm

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I woke up this morning with a dry throat, sore feet and calf muscles. No I didn’t have a big night out in the valley.

I went to the 1D concert.

I have to admit it was only my second time at Suncorp, previously I had been there for a footy game (Obvi) but this time was definitely a lot more – ah colourful. Excited. Electric. Surreal. As soon as I walked in to the screaming stadium of mainly 12-18 year old girls it was hard not to get excited and swept up in the cray-cray 1D Fever.

After a major warm up of Katy Perry hits and even the Macarena – at the end of every sing along the crowd would go nuts thinking that was the cue for the boys to come out onto stage…

THEN it happened.

The sea of screaming fans erupted and the boys walked onto the stage as if it was something that did every day of the week. Fireworks lit up the stage and the 1D concert at Suncorp was on.

Niall carried a lot of the evening with his guitar playing and attention to the crowd. Liam mentioned they ‘really, really like Australia ‘ and then took a selfie with the crowd saying he’ll post it on ‘Instabook’.

It was actually quite amazing to see how 5 boys from the U.K can have a whole stadium of screaming girls in the palm of their hands.

Oh HARRY. Did I mention him?

It got pretty deep when Harry told us that,’ You have always been there for us we will always be there for you.’ His long hair out for the first few songs then he put it up IN. A. TOP. BUN. Oh wow. Taylor Swift. We feel for you honey coz that man is a damn fine specimen.

It was pretty cute to see the boys interact on stage together obviously all besties and I’m pretty sure he waved at me at one stage – oh we’re back onto the subject of HARRY btw.

They belted out all the faves, What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Kiss You and finished off with Best Song Ever.

The thing about a 1 D concert is that  when you stop and look around at the screaming fans, signs and attempts-not-to-faint you realise that it’s moments like these make life that little bit special.

One Direction Live In Australia 2015

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Tags: One Direction, Brisbane, Australian Tour

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