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Ariana Grande's X-Rated Instagram Post Raises Eyebrows!

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Ariana Grande made a dirty joke about boyfriend Big Sean's manhood on Instagram and it's got everyone talking!

The Problem singer posted a photo with him and the caption "w(ith) my baby in the D (referring to Detroit, where they were staying) #NotTheOnlyDThough"... we're sure we don't need to spell out the other "D" she's referring to.

But not everyone saw the funny side of the naughty joke and she copped quite a lot of hate over the post.

The 21-year-old pop star has since hit back though, editing the caption with this awesome hashtag: "#ifyoudonthaveasenseofhumorpleaseunfollowme."

w my baby in the D #detroit #duh #NottheonlyDtho #what #gottagobye 👀 #ifyoudonthaveasenseofhumorpleaseunfollowme

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Ariana may have a good-girl reputation but she's known to let out a dirty joke or two.

Ed Sheeran once revealed that she made a joke about how she loves “black balls” at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (there were inflatable black balloons bouncing around the crowd).  

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Ariana also recently took an awkward tumble during her tour in Toronto, falling up some stairs on stage as she belted out her hit Bang Bang... ironically.

Tags: Scoopla, Music, Shazam Top 20, Ariana Grande, Big Sean

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