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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Mark Ronson

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He has blown up recently thanks to his hit ‘Uptown Funk’. We found out 7 awesome facts about Mark we need to share.

Mark Ronson teamed up with Bruno Mars on the song ‘Uptown Funk’. But who is he? Here are some awesome facts about Ronson.


Remember the TV show ‘Thundercat’s’. Rumor has it an, eight year old Mark actually wrote the theme! WHAT? NO WAY!

Thundercats Intro & Credits 1985



Ronson……why does that name sound so familiar? His sister is... Samantha Ronson. She is a well known DJ who happened to date Lindsay Lohan for a while.


He has produced numerous hits, including, ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Rehab’ by the late Amy Winehouse.


He DJed Tom Cruise’s wedding. Ronson said Tom wanted a lot of Kanye and 50 Cent.


He has done heaps of collaborations, including one with Christina Aguilera, Paul McCartney, Adele & Robbie Williams.


He has given a talk for TED.



He almost ended up in hospital thanks to ‘Uptown Funk’. In an interview with the Guardian he said:

"We did 45 takes of it and I just couldn't get it, it sounded like horrible bullshit, so we went to lunch, walked down to a restaurant,"

"Everyone was saying, 'Dude, what's wrong with you? You've gone totally white,'" he added, mentioning that he had been working so hard on the song that his hair had started to fall out. "And I went to the toilet and just... fainted. I threw up and fainted. They had to come and carry me out of the toilet." 

Tags: Scoopla, Mark Ronson

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