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Famous Performers To Come From Eurovision

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It’s the biggest song contest in the world and you might be surprised how many performers got their big break thanks to Eurovision.

When we say ‘Eurovision’ you tend to think of gaudy costumes and terrible dancing. But in fact, most of the musicians who have played on its stage have gone on to achieve huge success.


By far the most successful group to come out of Eurovision was ABBA. They represented Sweden in 1974, performing ‘Waterloo’. They won that year.

ABBA Waterloo Eurovision 1974 (High Quality)



In 1988 Celine performed at Eurovision, representing Switzerland. She won that year and went on to become an international sensation. Best known for singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ for the movie ‘Titanic’.

Eurovision 1988 - Céline Dion - Ne partez pas sans moi



1n 1973 Enya performed with her band ‘Clannad,’ representing Ireland. While they failed to make the final round of Eurovision, Enya went on to become an icon of the 90’s, selling 60 million albums and winning 4 Grammys. She also wrote ‘May It Be’ for the Lord Of The Rings movies, which was nominated for the 'Best Original Song' Oscar.


Before she hit the big time, Olivia performed in the 1974 Eurovision, representing the UK. This was the year ABBA won but she did a pretty good job, ending up with equal 4th place. A few years later she was cast in the lead role for the movie ‘Grease’.

Eurovision 1974 - Olivia Newton-John - Long live love


Yet another Aussie to do us proud. Remember “Ooh Ahh… Just A Little Bit” it placed 8th at Eurovision in 1996. She represented the UK and the song went straight to the top of the charts in the UK and earned her a Grammy nomination.

Gina G - Ooh Ahh... Just A Little Bit Eurovision performance



These acts were successful before they went on Eurovision but failed to make the cut.


By far the most controversial group of 2003 and 2006, T.a.t.u were two friends, who said they were lovers (which was revealed to be fake). The pair had worldwide success with their hit “All The Things She Said” but they failed to impress at Eurovision.

t.A.T.u. Not Gonna Get Us Eurovision 2009 Semifinal 1



Remember the 'Ketchup Song'? WORST SONG EVER! It was hugely popular and got the girls from ‘Las Ketchup’ international fame. However in 2006 they bombed on stage, earning them 21st place out of 24.

Eurovision 2006 - Spain - Las Ketchup - Un Blodymary - [HQ STEREO SUBTITLED]

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