Posted: 12 February, 2015 by Christian Hull

The Crash That Never Ends!

A Rowers Nightmare.

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These rowers can’t see where they are going. When one has an accident they all end up having one.

Video has emerged of a sculling race from back in 2014. The footage shows groups of rowers competing against each other, however just before the finish line there is a major disaster.

As these boats are coxless (no one steering) they are pretty much running blind. Which means that when one boat has an accident right before the finish line, all the boats end up crashing into each other.

It’s like watching the a very slow pile up. You know whats about to happen but there is nothing you can do to stop it. Well….a lady in the crowd thinks she can help with her yelling!

Rowing SUPER FAIL - Sculling - Regatta 2014

Tags: Scoopla, Trending

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