Posted: 23 October, 2013 by Dan Hill

Tully Sneaks Into The House!

And Kisses Drew! Jaw Drops To The Floor.

Well what a steamy night it was on Big Brother!

Everyone knows that Tully got dumped in spectacular fashion by her girlfriend on Twitter. After Tully was evicted and found out the news, there was something she desperately wanted to do to Drew.

Her moment came during the housemates 'Freeze and Release' challenge - where housemates aren't allowed to move at all until Big Brother tells them to.

When Big Brother told the housemates to 'Freeze,' Tully was allowed to enter the house. She walked over to the remaining housemates and said hello, the made a B-Line for Drew who was standing up.

See the Kiss Here:

Poor Drew is going to stew over this until he is let out of the house! We can't wait to see what stirs up!

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