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Amanda Bynes Goes Ballistic At Party Photographer

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Amanda Bynes finally seemed like she was getting back on track… but if the tabloids are to be believed, she’s already back her old ways.



The 28-year-old left L.A. last month and has since been spotted in New York showing some pretty erratic behaviour. 

She recently attended Nylon magazine’s It Girl party, where she refused to have photos and, according to Page Six, went nuts at photographer who managed to snap a pic of her.

“Bynes went ballistic and ran at him. She started screaming ‘You have to delete your photos!’” said a spy. 

“Amanda was screeching and flailing and going wild, and the photographer was visibly shaken.”

And in other Amanda news, she’s engaged to a 19-year-old, back on Twitter and says she’s leaving fashion school to study psychology.

Oh dear… this can’t be good.


Tags: Scoopla, Stars, Amanda Bynes, Nylon magazine

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