Posted: 30 October, 2014 by Scoopla Team

Bruce Jenner Celebrates His Birthday With A Pink Manicure

Hip Hip Hooray

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While Kylie Jenner’s lips have been on…well …everyone’s lips this week, her dad Bruce Jenner has celebrated his 65th birthday by getting a hot pink manicure.

This isn’t exactly strange behaviour for Bruce, after it was reported he had his Adam's Apple surgically reduced.

But what everyone talking about is that even though Kris Jenner filed for a divorce back in September, he is still wearing his wedding band with his pink nails.

It’s also being reported that Bruce will be signing documents to give Kris their shared house – which has a massive six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

If this is true it will pretty much leave Kris set for the rest of her life… lucky her!

Tags: Bruce Kenner, Kris Jenner

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