Posted: 20 October, 2014 by Christian Hull

Bruce Jenner Dumps Kris for Who....?

Thats pretty low. You wouldn't want to be Kris right now!

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Bruce Jenner has left his wife Kris. She is reportedly devastated about who his new partner is.

Imagine that your best friend of 20 years, the one who has accompanied you on family vacations, even lives next door suddenly elopes with your husband. A man who has fathered your two children.

That's pretty full on. Not only have you lost your husband but you have lost the trust and friendship of someone you considered to be a close friend.

As much as we love to hate Kim Kardashians mum Kris Jenner this is the situation she is faced with. It must suck so bad. TMZ have confirmed that Bruce Jenner has left Kris for her BFF (now EX-BFF) Ronda Kamihira. TMZ have also reported that Kris has been left devastated and is crying each night.

Kris has yet to confront the pair on their relationship. She feels so betrayed. Ronda has been on family trips, which makes us wonder if they have been seeing each other longer than first thought.

*Side note, what's with Bruce's hair! Talk about amazing!

Tags: Scoopla, Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner

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