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Celebs That Totally Flipped Out Meeting A Koala

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They're our nation's cuddly, furry friends... but even some of the world's biggest stars get all gaga over the koala.

Here's some of the very best that we've caught on camera.

1. Katy Perry

While on a recent Sunrise interview, the pop superstar met a few of Australia's most famous animals including our sleepy native.

2. Oprah

When the talkshow queen visited Australia in 2010 she got up, close and personal with a koala that just wanted to sink its claws in.


3. Khloe Kardashian

When Khloe met a Koala, it seems it was the perfect opportunity for a selfie.

Khloe Takes Selfie with a Koala | Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E!


4. Taylor Swift

In 2010, when Taylor visited Australia for the first time she had a hug from a koala.  So cute! (Skip to a minute in...)

Taylor Swift Australia 2010 Behind the Scenes


5. The Vamps

British band The Vamps came to Australia and Angus (from the Shazam Top 20) introduced them to our tree-loving marsupial.


6. Jenna Marbles

YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles met a baby koala when she visited Dan & Maz.


Volksfest, on until our two cuddly koalas start a family, or November 30 - whichever occurs first!

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