Posted: 28 October, 2014 by Christian Hull

Guy Sebastian's Eye Brow Goes Missing!

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So it turns out Guy Sebastian got caught lying to his mum!

Guy Sebastian has a new song titled 'Mama Ain't Proud'. Dan & Maz had an interview lined up with the singer, so they decided to call his mum Nellie and find out if there is anything she isn't proud of.......


Turns out he lied to her about why his eyebrow was missing.

When he was in high school he returned home one day minus an eyebrow. When his mum questions him, he comes up with the most amazing story. He told her was in class just laying facedown on the floor (as you do). He went on to tell her he didn't realise at the time that his eyebrow was resting on a piece of chewing gum. When he went to get up the gum ripped off his eyebrow.....THE BEST STORY EVER!

However it wasn't until years later, at his 21st that she found out the real story.


Tags: Scoopla, Dan & Maz

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