Posted: 14 October, 2014 by Web Guy Oscar

Harry Styles Vomits Roadside

Poor Harry! Pulls Over in LA Highway

Tags: Harry Styles, Lily Allen

Oh No! Poor Harry…

Harry Styles has been spotted pulling up roadside and proceeding to vomit! The Daily Mail reported he was partying with Lily Allen in LA. 

Styles, 20 years old, is still under the legal drinking age in America. However, Ed Sheeran spoke to The Metro over whether Styles abided by drinking laws in the states “If I'm being totally honest I've never seen him drink in America. And that's not me being politically correct. He's come round my flat and I've had a Corona and he's had a diet coke."

Maybe Styles had a tummy bug… :S

Tags: Harry Styles, Lily Allen

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