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Twilight Star's Shock Drug Claims

Shocking Claims Made About Ashley Greene and boyfriend Ryan Philippe

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Ashley Greene, AKA Alice Cullen from Twlight, has had some pretty crazy allegations made about her and boyfriend Ryan Philippe.


Last year the actress's Hollywood apartment caught fire while the actress, Ryan and her brother were asleep. Luckily the trio escaped unharmed but now the building manager, Adrian Mayorga, is making some pretty crazy claims - reports

In a sworn deposition he's said that one of the people who cleaned up the mess found a glass crack pipe. He also adds that all three people seemed "disorientated... they look like they were drunk or under the influence of something" when they emerged from the apartment. 

(Or it could be that they had just excaped from a FIRE!)

To confuse things EVEN more, Ryan has claimed he has never even been to the apartment and wasn't there the night of the blaze. 

No word from Ashley's people.

Tags: Ashley Greene, Ryan Philippe

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