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Gabi Grecko & Geoffrey Edelsten’s Raunchy Christmas Card

And Are They Planning To Have Children?

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The Kardashians may have cancelled their annual Khristmas Kard but there’s something else to make us cringe this festive season...

Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten have posed for a racy Christmas photo shoot that has be seen to be believed!

71-year-old Geoffrey awkwardly showed his fun side, dressing up as an elf, while 25-year-old fiancé Gabi wore, well, very little.

The couple also posed as a raunchy Mr and Mrs Claus in another set of photos from the shoot.


Apparently some of the snaps will be sent to their respective families as Christmas cards, which might make for an interesting family Christmas.

And after previously saying that kids were not on the cards, it seems the couple may have changed their minds.

“Yes, children are a possibility, I haven't ruled it out but I don't want to say more than that. It's something Gabi and I are talking about,” Geoffrey told Daily Mail Australia.

“Geoffrey is working on me about starting a family. We don't have to do it now, it's something I'm thinking about once I've sorted my various businesses out...We'll just wait and see,” Gabi added.

So maybe the Edelstens can take over the tradition from the Kardashians

You can see all the pics from the risqué shoot here.


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