Posted: 25 November, 2014 by Christian Hull

Guy Sebastian Left Very Embarrassed

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When Guy Sebastian called his wife to tell her his nudes have leaked, he didn't expect her to drop this bombshell!

It all started when Guy Sebastian entered the Dan & Maz studios. It was supposed to be a hilarious stitch up which involved calling his wife Jules!

Guy came up with the idea:

He would call his wife to say that a journalist has hacked into her phone and taken some 'rude' photos.

Guy told Dan & Maz that he had never sent nudes to his wife ever, and there isn't any nudes on her phone. So they didn't think she would panic too much. Guy Sebastian then calls his wife Jules to tell her what's happened..........

Things are going along nicely, she has fallen for it. Then she DROPS A BOMBSHELL that had us all in stitches and left Guy very embarrassed.

It involves the word "Willy"

Hear the Full Audio:

Tags: Dan & Maz, Guy Sebastian, Scoopla

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