Posted: 1 November, 2014 by Rhiannon

Justin Timberlake set to become most handsome father ever?

Jessica Biel's publishing friend accidentally confirmed the pregnancy, talk about your misprints!

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It feels like we've heard this rumour a million times this week, but this time around there's been a compelling stuff-up that seems too legit to quit!

According to American gossip sources including Us Weekly, Jessica Biel's pal (and Editor-in-Chief of huge fashion mag InStyle) Ariel Foxman has committed that hugest of sins - telling the world that your friend is pregnant before they have! 

And of course, it came in the form of a tweet-and-delete. Ariel wrote: 

"Congrats @jessicabiel on your impending motherhood, looking forward to the red carpet maternity style pix to come #tbt."

and posted the news alongside a red carpet snapshot of the two together at the Total Recall premiere in 2012. 

Of course, she COULD have made a massive mistake. She COULD have. 

Tags: Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Celebabies, Tweet-n-delete

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