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Things Turn Nasty Between Brynne And Geoffrey Edelsten

"To be honest, it made me laugh!"

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It was the moment that outshone the Melbourne Cup... if only for a couple of minutes.

Geoffrey Edelsten got down on one knee and popped the question to girlfriend Gabi Grecko.

But this is where things have started to turn nasty.

Geoffrey Edelsten is now calling his ex-wife Brynne an alcoholic.


In explosive claims made to Daily Mail Australia, Edelsten said that Brynne consumed 20 glasses of wine daily on weekends, and 12 during the week.

He also says that he forked out over $50,000 "fixing" her body.

Over five-years of marriage, Edelsten claims this included a second breast augmentation, three-monthly anti-wrinkle Botox injections and liposuction.

"She was insecure about her body and would beg me for a boob job. She already had one before we met in Arizona and said she wanted bigger ones," he told Daily Mail.

"I tried to talk her out of it as I'm not a fan of surgery but she said she was not satisfied with her appearance and wanted a larger size.  She insisted on using the surgeon she had before and flew back to Arizona to have it done, I paid for it all."


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Not to be outdone by Geoffrey, Gabi Grecko is calling Brynne "pathetic".

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"I even wrote her (Brynne) an apology letter but the fact she uses my finances [sic] last name to get press is pathetic," Grecko posted to her Instagram page.

"I have great character. I'm not being an ass. I'm calling her out."


Earlier, Brynne said she isn't shocked or hurt by the proposal.

"To be honest, it made me laugh," she said.

"It’s a funny way Geoff went about it, but Geoff has some funny ways with everything he does.  Good for them, I wish them the best.  Hopefully this will make the divorce move forward."

"Unfortunately you have to wait a year being separated before you can divorce someone.  Geoff hasn’t been the easiest to deal with, he has postponed it in many ways.  Hopefully this will mean he won’t postpone it any longer and we can just finalise it and both move on."

"I feel like I am divorced already, except for the fact I am constantly in court with him," Brynne told the Herald-Sun.

It's almost as much drama as an episode of Keeping Up With Karadashians... but we're having a hard time keeping up with this trio.

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