Posted: 11 December, 2014 by Christian Hull

Hacked Emails Reveal Celeb Wages

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Sony Pictures were the victims of serious email hacking. Several stars have had their wages revealed.

Recently Sony Pictures had their system hacked, and emails from very powerful employees leaked. Sony Pictures is responsible for some massive block busters including the ‘Spider Man’ franchise and ‘Men In Black’.

The drama surrounding the leak has been huge. The Co-Chairman is in hot water and there are some really powerful producers that are more than likely going to be fired.



1) For the upcoming movie ‘The Interview’ it was revealed that Seth Rogan is getting $8.4 million and James Franco is getting $6.5 million. Kevin Federline was paid $5K for a cameo Beyonce was paid 12K for an appearance.

2) Men In Black and 21 Jump Street will be doing a cross over movie, maybe. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones haven’t been considered to appear in the movie.

3) Celebrities hotel aliases have been revealed. Tom Hanks goes by "Harry Lauder" and "Johnny Madrid”, Sarah Michelle Gellar goes by "Neely O'Hara”, Tobey Maguire goes by "Neil Deep”, Natalie Portman goes by "Laura Brown" and Rob Schneider goes by "Nazzo Good".

4) 'Seinfeld' still earns the company huge dollars…..about $7.5 million a year (in the US)

5) WARNING , VERY CONFUSING: Angelina Jolie was called a’ minimally talented spoiled brat’ by a Oscar winning producer Scott Rudin, who got into a huge fight with Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal. The fight is over director David Fincher. Apparently Jolie wants Fincher to direct her film ‘Cleopatra’ but Rudin wants him to direct ‘Jobs’ the biopic about Steve Jobs, which has caused Sony Pictures so much drama.

Sony haven’t commented about the hack, and I would say are keeping a low profile at the moment.

Tags: Shazam Top 20

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